Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Soap Cutting Tool

So I finally designed my own soap recipe, and made it a few days ago.
It is 100% Vegan, (of course) saponified canola, vegetable, palm, coconut, castor, beeswax, lemon essential oil and eycalyptus. It smells great, and has a really nice texture already.
We took it out of the mold and cut it today in what was a stroke of genius by my husband.
 He made a handheld garrote type cutting tool with wire and a loop at either end to hold onto.  We slid the soap out of the mold (pvc pipe) one bar size at a time and used the edge of the PVC pipe to mark a clean straight line to cut through. It worked great! And the soap turned out beautifully, I can't wait to make more!
Here it is fresh out of the mold, ready to cure! Next time I make soap (which should be within the week) I'll take pictures of the tool in use, it was a really awesome idea!

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