Saturday, November 6, 2010

Yuck be Gone for your Picky Eater (free label and tips to use it)

Another post for your picky eater :)
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Several years ago someone said to me: "To get kids to eat foods deemed "yucky" just add a little corn syrup".... a lightbulb flashed over my head and I came up with this label. I don't necessarily agree with using corn syrup, you could use Molasses, Honey, Stevia, Coconut Sprinkles etc. (be creative!) Just replace the label with this one or one like it.
 You can use my label or have fun and make your own!

I know the label turned up small here, it reads:
Directions: Add one tsp. to any "yucky" food to instantly make it "yummy"
Yuck-be-Gone uses a unique and highly complicated brain stimuli formula involving years of scientific research that is sure to make moms say "yay" and kids say "yum!"

 I wouldn't use it on food you know your child wont like, I used this with my picky eater who would NOT eat pasta of any kind. These are fairly kid friendly foods, so I knew it wasn't the actual taste holding him back. Now spagetti and mac and cheese are among his all time favs! Worked like a charm.

 It's a good tool, but its all in the delivery.
 I made a trip to the grocery store alone and made the label switcharoo before I took the groceries in, if your kids are like my kids, they like to see what "goodies" mom got while shopping, and you can let them "discover" the bottle/package amongst the groceries, this way they don't automatically think you're trying to con them (which you are, but they dont need to know that... just yet anyhow)

Kids like to see words like "Guaranteed!" If you have a very skeptical child you might explain that it's sort of like the tooth fairy it only works if you belive in it. You definately don't want to cheapen the value of a guarantee to them, so if you're not sure if they'll go for it, leave out words that insinuate a sure thing and leave it up to them to decide, kids respond well to packaging and often decide whether they will like a food item based on the package alone (the cereal companies know this!) so make sure its visually stimulating to them. If they decide that it'll work, it WILL! Guaranteed ;)

You know your child better than anyone else does, so you will have to think of how to "market" the product to them for the greatest success.

Anyone else have any tricks or tips to get kids to "try it"?

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