Monday, May 9, 2011

Sagittarius vs Ophiuchus? Does your "sign" really describe you?

Okay, so I've never been a believer in Astrological signs, I was always told I was a sagittarius and it never fit me. About half of the traits were right on and the other half were NOTHING like me!

I know virtually nothing about astrological signs except the fact that I'm sagittarius, so I was bored today and decided to look up the traits of a few of the other signs to, maybe, get some perspective on my kids, see if they line up with their signs (I was bored, okay!). And wow! They are right on for them, I mean right on! Made me think... If these signs are so accurate on for my kids, why is mine so far off?

I remember hearing something about a "new" sign. Hm, I wonder? Lo and behold, my b-day does, in fact, fall within these "new" dates. So I looked up the traits of  Ophiuchus, (and the pronunciation!) and for the first time I identify with my sign. I feel like this is me, this explains me! While I probably won't run out to find my "daily horoscope" or check what other signs I'm compatible with, or what I should wear etc. It does lend credence to the whole astrology thing, for me.

Ophiuchus Personality Traits - Positive SignsThese should make you really happy, huh? Let's go and see what these are:
  • They have a need to constantly keep trying something new and hate routines.
  • This sign is considered to be a mark of very clever individuals. Those that are intellectuals and seek knowledge.
  • They have a great sense of humor and like to have the element of humor in their lives.
  • They do things with an unmatched passion.
  • They are quite straightforward and say things as they are.
  • They have a lot of creativity and their imagination powers lets them constantly come up with newer things to explore.
  • They are very ethical and their sense of justice and the 'fight for the right' always comes through.
  • They have great love for languages and the arts.
  • They have very charismatic personalities that draws people to them.
  • They don't do well with rules and have a strong sense of freedom and personal space.
  • These people are usually favored by figures in high orders.
  • They think with their hearts rather than their heads. So they have a passion for everything that they do.
Ophiuchus Personality Traits - Negative Signs
So there's the good and the bad in everything, right? Here are some of the bad traits that this sign portrays:
  • They are very impulsive at times and therefore can take wrong decisions in life.
  • They have a lot of pride in what they do and that is why they can get to be arrogant at times.
  • They are considered born flirts and that is why they find it difficult to get into monogamous relationships.
  • They can get very secretive and hide things from others.
  • They might have trust issues because they are easily affected by jealousy.
  • Their quality of being straightforward sometimes makes them have a very poison tongue which can hurt a lot of people.
  • They can get very sarcastic and therefore many people tend to be put off.
  • They might give in to procrastination***
Most of these are dead on, exactly me in a way I never felt about Sagittarius, except for the ones that kinda seem to contradict each other like being "straightforward" and "secretive" which is it? for me its the straightforward... which can honestly be embarassing at times, I can't help but be 100% upfront!

Apparantly theres some discrepancy... I don't care what the "experts" say about western vs. eastern signs etc. I'm no sagittarius, never was. I like Ophiuchus, it fits. Now I just gotta learn how to spell it.

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  1. From a Leo to a Ophiuchus...interesting post. I am not into astrology either, but it is always fun and interesting to read my horoscope. I must say I am truly a Leo.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. Too funny! I never follow signs either, it is crazy what we do when we just need to pass time-LOL! New follower from the VB! Thanks for stopping by my blog!