Thursday, November 4, 2010

Traffic can be a good thing

Who knew!

Ok so, I'm trying to maneuver and figure out this whole web thing right?  I started out with just my Etsy and figured out how to register it with google, and I was successful! Woot, good job me! Google search "mylittleniche" and I am the second thing to pop up! If you search it with spaces.... cause, lets face it, who would search it without (besides me) I'm somewhere on the second page I think.

Anyhow, so I got to thinking, hey that wasn't so hard, I'm totally figurin' this out, I'm on a roll! Soooo, what did I do? I got in over my head of course! So now here I am with my very own blog, I just got finished creating my own Twitter account (I know right!) Yesterday I made a facebook fan page, earlier this week I set up a website! I made a google accout, picasa, flickr... and registered most of them with google! and you thought I wasn't computer savvy! ;)
I'm by no means an expert, but if you are interested in any of the tips I've figured out along the way, drop me a comment and I'll get you all the information I can!

So, anyhow, to preserve my sanity (brain overload!) here are my links:!/mylittleniche

whew... I'm a little overwhelmed to be honest!
whats next? Etsy facebook App... and I'm waiting on a confirmation of my membership at a site to help promote my etsy shop called we love etsy

And of course, with all this web time, I haven't had any time to actually make very many items to put up on my Etsy that I'm working so hard to get traffic for!
Oh the irony.

UPDATE: I must have done something right, the google gods have smiled upon me! Google search "My Little Niche" I am NUMBER 1!!!! :)

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