Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Keeping a Dream Journal in May

I think this is a really weird coincidence:
I started a Dream Journal May 12, 2009, lost interest a couple of months later (looking through the dates in the book) then May 18, 2010 I picked it up again, and quickly lost interest once again.
 Now its May 10 2011 and Ive been thinking about my dream journal again. How weird is that? For the last 3 years my internal clock feels the need to record my dreams in May. This is the first year I recognized the pattern.

I haven't been dreaming any more often or about stranger things, I just have the urge to start writing them down again.  So, anyhow, this time around I intend to keep recording my dreams all year.
 Heres my dream journal, I bought a book that I really love, hoping that it would inspire me to use it more often.

When you first start recording your dreams, often it will be just a sentance or two, because you don't necessarily remember many details, but as you continue to try to write something down each morning, you, very quickly, tend to remember more and more details. I think I end up quitting writing in my dream journal when I start remembering so many details that I don't want to spend the time writing them down! But these are the really interesting dreams that I know I would enjoy going back and reading later! So maybe I'll only write the details that seem really important or relevant.

Here is an interesting article on the benefits of keeping a Dream Journal:

I wouldn't particularly keep an online dream jorurnal like this site offers, it seems a little creepy! I think our dreams really tell alot about us, and its not really something I'd paste all over the internet, but the site still has some interesting information on the subject.

and here is an E-How on how to keep a Dream Journal:

a good article on how to format your entries:

Has anyone else had a dream come true? Yet another reason I wouldn't post my dreams on the internet, I don't want someone else benefiting from my winning lotto number or invention or such! ;)

I had a dream, once, that I was Lucy from I Love Lucy, it was night and we went out on a boat, I was thinking really hard of what I was supposed to say because there wasn't any scrpit. I kept doing that thing she does where she puts her thumbnail in her teeth and makes a "thinking" face.
 I also seem to have alot of dreams of walking around my old neighborhood, I'm sure thats probably significant in some way...

Whats your most memorable dream experience?

So now I realize, this is my second post in a row concerning the supernatural (for lack of a better word), I swear its not something I think about all the time or would consider to be a part of my daily life, I don't know, apparantly its just a May thing for me! Is that normal?


  1. I love this idea and I'm going to check out those links. Of all mornings to read this, I woke this morning remembering the wierdest dreams!

    Being the geek that I am however, I will keep my journal in my computerized cardfile.

  2. Hi Tessa--Love this post. I kept a dream journal for several years and now just make note of certain ones. it isinteresting to follow certain patterns in them, i think.

    also, thanks for your thoughtful post on my blog that i am closing down--your points are good ones and i appreciate you taking the time and thought to comment!

  3. Hey Tessa, nice post.

    Here's the thing about keeping a dream journal online, like at justhadadream.com. You can keep it totally anonymous so no one in real life knows it's you. At the same time, you can benefit from having other people comment on your dreams.

  4. I should start a dream journal - because as soon as I get out of bed, I forget them. Except ones where my teeth fall out, which reoccurs way too much. :p


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