Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Detour through Downtown

aka lost.

Ok, so my nearest Joann is hell and gone from my house, but theres a big sale!
So my daughter and I get in the car, and start driving.... road work! yuck... this reminds me of LA. Oh, the traffic and the smell of raw asphalt.

Everything feels surreal, like I've been here before, done this before, lived this day before, like its a dream.

Finally, we get to Joann. They're fairly busy, why? It's the middle of the day on a wednesday, oh well.

They are out of the fabrics I wanted to buy (stupid sale), I ask the lady who's cutting the rest of my fabrics if they have any behind the counter, I explain I already looked where they go, and three times she gestures to where they belong out on the shelves... ya I know... oh well. The people at Hobby Lobby are so much nicer.

I check out, I feel fuzzy and weird and out of it, yet alert at the same time.

I want to avoid the road work, but Im terrible at directions... Phoenix is pretty much a grid, so it should be easy, right? Wrong. Apparantly theres this one street that runs on a diagonal. Now, I swear I saw the street name I was looking for on the sign, but apparantly not. I ended up on the stupid diagonal street.

It doesn't look familiar, oh well, its been a while since I've been this way... It looks like San Pedro or Wilmington, down by the docks, when it should look like farms and deserty. Oh well...

Not until I see Downtown Phoenix come into view do I realize I've made a wrong turn somewhere... I don't live anywhere near downtown Phoenix and Joann is nowhere near downtown Phoenix! I'm lost!

Ok, no prob, I'll keep driving till I see a street name that looks familiar. Ding ding ding, we have a winner! Home we go! About a mile later I look at the name of the street I'm on just to make sure it's still right, they seem to be playing jokes on me today... What the heck! Wrong street! What is wrong with me! I swear I saw what I saw! I'm headed the wrong direction again! Exclamation Point!

Finally I take out the GPS, I hadn't before cause I thought I was seeing streets I knew, I thought I knew where I was, I didn't think I needed it.

The GPS takes me on a freeway, and finally to streets I know I know. It starts raining. Monsoon weather. The air feels charged.

The moral of the story, you ask? Well theres a few:

  1. Don't ask me to drive, bad mistake.
  2. Detours FTL
  3. Phoenix is weird like that
  4. Grand Sucks
  5. Monsoons make me feel funny?
  6. Don't always believe what you think you see.
  7. Hobby Lobby > Joann
And I guess thats about it.

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  1. I hate stores that don't give good customer service. I usually try to avoid shopping there if I can. I guess that's why I don't live on Long Island any more...

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